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    Redefining Omnichannel Communications

    In today’s loyalty marketing environment, it isn’t enough to only be visible across a handful of channels. You have to have strategic brand unity across all channels, reaching your customers at the right time with the right message. Brierley Digital Messaging Suite™ empowers you to unify your message across every relevant channel, and automate that workflow while monitoring and reporting on effectiveness. No matter which CRM or loyalty program you’re employing, Brierley Digital Messaging Suite™ can get the job done.

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    Content Management Across All Touchpoints

    Users today spend the majority of their time staring at a screen of some sort, so how often are they seeing your brand and your loyalty message on those screens? Brierley Digital Messaging Suite™ gives you the ability to market to your loyalty audience over social media, email, SMS, push notification, digital marketing, cart follow-up, and much more, and the content can be optimized for each. By constructing intuitive loyalty campaigns and utilizing Brierley’s full suite of products, your loyalty members can automatically enter a pre-configured workflow and you simply watch the loyalty transactions come in.

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    Seamless Scheduling & Automation

    One of the strongest value-adds of Digital Messaging Suite has nothing to do with your loyalty customers. In fact, it’s all about saving you and your team valuable time. By building out automated workflows and seamless scheduling, you can take the guesswork out of loyalty messaging. You pre-select how your messages are scheduled and automated, and simply make adjustments to perfect your workflow.

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    Content Effectiveness Reporting

    As is the case with all Brierley technology products, our confidence in Digital Messaging Suite is evident in the transparency of reporting. There will be no mystery as to the effectiveness of your loyalty campaigns. Reports are intuitive, concise, and compelling, and will do an excellent job of informing your messaging adjustments. With every report comes an iteration, and every iteration gets you closer to perfecting your customer messaging.

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