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    Organizing Truly Actionable Audiences

    If your business has been engaged in loyalty and CRM for any significant amount of time, you could have a database of upwards of tens of millions of customers. This population was likely gathered with dozens of different criteria, through many different methods. The only audience worth having is an actionable one, and Brierley Data360™ is purpose-built to ensure that every single customer in your database is unique, relevant, and ready for messaging. Utilizing all of the elements available about each individual (loyalty points, status, tier, transaction data, profile information, and model scores to name only a few), it becomes a true warehouse of individual-focused data that can drive every customer interaction.

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    Data Hygiene Criteria

    Brierley Data360™ starts by creating a custom set criteria with which to judge and organize your existing data. By using attributes like name, address, delivery point validation, and other unique-to-you customer characteristics, Data360 is able to organize your customer audience, and remove any outliers or duplicates. As you’ll see below, Data360 takes a complete look at every behavioral, demographic, and psychographic element relevant to organizing your loyalty audience into an actionable audience.

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    Deterministic & Probabilistic Matching

    After your customer population has been put through a hygiene scrub, Brierley Data360™ employs unique deterministic and probabilistic matching algorithms to locate matching or disparate profiles within your system. These matching systems are beneficial to locate and merge partial profiles, as well as locate and purge duplicates. They also allow us to find like profiles, which exponentially multiplies the amount of criteria you have with which to create and cater loyalty messaging.

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    Intelligent Merging & Purging

    The primary method with which Brierley Data360™ vets, merges, and purges profiles is what’s called the Brierley Matching Waterfall. By creating a stair step of criteria, systematically removing or matching profiles, Data360 is able to find any partial matches, and successfully identify completely new customers. In the end, you’ve got a clean and optimized loyalty population that has been completely purged of duplications. Following the deduping process, your audience is characterized across 360º of attributes, which we’ll revisit below.

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    Continuous Data Evolution Through Advanced Analytics

    Optimizing your loyalty population isn’t a one-time job, and Brierley Data360™ is built with this ongoing mentality in mind. By continuing to evolve your data, Data360 is able to seamlessly integrate new customers to your population, as well as employ tactics like advanced analytics and householding to give you a comprehensive understanding of not only how many individuals are in your system, but how many unique households and the true value of each one. Ongoing deduping also occurs, ensuring comprehensive customer population hygiene. Your database is enhanced through adding new attributes like specific demographics and self-reported data to your criteria scope, but more importantly, the integration of predictive and advanced analytics shows you where each individual is moving in their lifecycle so you can stay ahead of your competition. Brierley Data360™ always looks for new ways to get your audience to take action, and engage with your brand through loyalty.

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360º of Data in a Single View

Brierley Data360™ takes a more comprehensive approach to customer database characteristics than any other product or service on the market. Just as a sample, these are a handful of the attributes Data360 considers:

  • Online Profile
  • Communication Channels
  • Demographics
  • Loyalty Engagement
  • Transaction Segmentation
  • Shopping Behavior
  • SMS Engagement
  • Self-Reporting & Purchase History
  • Campaign History
  • Call Center
  • Kiosk/Product Registration
  • Mobile App Usage
  • Survey Responses
  • Outbound Social Messaging
  • Social Rewarding
  • Social Profiling
  • Social Listening
  • Web Analytics & Site Browsing

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