Mobile Strategy + Engagement

  • Reaching Customers Where They Are

    In today’s world, the first and primary screen for most customers is their phone or mobile device. Every year, the amount of time users spend interacting with mobile applications increases, and in response to that, Brierley has committed to employing a mobile-first philosophy. With this in mind, all of our CRM strategies consider a broad range of current and innovative mobile options—from standard SMS messaging to mobile apps to advanced beacon technology in retail settings. Our strategy experts will recommend ways in which mobile communications can help each client their goals.

    image contains consumers using social media and mobile applications
  • Mobile-Driven Loyalty

    By engaging with the primarily-mobile customer base, leveraging promoters and intercepting detractors, the intersection of mobile technology and loyalty can become an integral part of the framework that harnesses the power of mobile interactivity. This drives loyalty and create a seamless, one-to-one, mobile-first customer experience.

    image contains a female consumer using her phone while she is shopping