Loyalty Program Design

  • A Passion for Program Design

    Brierley has assembled the industry-best team of strategic minds who are passionate about new program design, legacy program evaluation and enhancement, strategic program growth, omnichannel communications, complete customer engagement planning, and financial modeling. Having refined loyalty program design to an art form, through our tried and true loyalty design process, we know what motivates customers both rationally and emotionally. Knowing that customers in our era are no longer loyal to a brand, they are loyal to a customer experience, we bring the art and science of relationship management, our strategic expertise, and a customer-centric focus to each and every program we design.

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  • Proven Methods for Successful Programs

    Our proven methods have birthed the world’s most successful loyalty programs. Driven by research and data, and empowered by our proprietary technology, our program design professionals help clients build relevant, revenue-generating customer loyalty programs, programs that have secured the loyalty of hundreds of millions of valued customers around the globe.