Fulfillment +
Direct Mail

  • Modern Messages, Traditional Applications

    Our print production and fulfillment services are built on three core principles: they are results driven, client focused, and competitively priced. Even in a digital world, the tactile printed word still carries great weight to consumers, and our services in this area exist to make sure that your business is making the maximum impact possible in the realm of loyalty.

    large printer printing out direct mail marketing collateral
  • Print Production

    We utilize a variable color printing press that prints the quality of offset printing. Our in-house, print-on-demand method dramatically reduces the need to keep any in-house inventory, which serves our clients at peak efficiency. Our print production capabilities include collateral items like oversized postcard mailings, ongoing non-tiering letters, buckslip inserts, fuel change insert reprints, brochures, quarterly statements, and much more.

    image of a man inspecting a direct mail marketing piece
  • Fulfillment

    Our fulfillment capabilities cover three core areas: pick & pack, kitting, and plastic cards. In the pick & pack realm, we offer intelligent order processing, barcode technology, strategic picking strategies, and quality assured packing. When it comes to kitting, we offer intelligent kit composition software, component tracking, manual, automated, and custom assembly matching for personalized kits. Finally, in regards to plastic cards, we offer thermal & impact embossing, encoded member information, automated matching and affixing, and custom key cards.

    Brierley+Partners’ Marketing Mail Solutions Division offers fulfillment, print production, data processing and lettershop services. Visit their website here for complete details.

    image of a shipping supplier preparing a direct mail marketing package